Let’s start by introducing you to A. Lange & Söhne – the renowned German watchmaker known for their exceptional craftsmanship, innovative designs, and use of high-quality materials. One of their most iconic models is the Lange 1 Timezone, boasting a distinctive asymmetric dial that displays two different time zones at the same time.

But that’s just the beginning. We’re here to talk about the rare and limited-edition Lange 1 Timezone Sincere Singapore (116.025B), created in 2005 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Sincere Watch Limited – the authorized dealer of Lange in Singapore. This particular edition includes a stunning platinum case and a silver dial, alongside a unique city ring that replaces Hong Kong with Singapore as one of the 24 time zones.

The Lange 1 Timezone Sincere Singapore is a unique collector’s item that is highly sought after by those who appreciate the brand’s excellence and exclusivity. It’s a special timepiece that truly reflects the incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail that A. Lange & Söhne is famous for.

Intricacy and Aesthetics: The Design Journey

This exquisite timepiece boasts a platinum case that measures 41.9 mm in diameter and 11 mm in thickness. Its silver dial features two off-centre subdials for local and second time zones. The local time subdial includes a large date window and power reserve indicator, while the second time zone subdial has a handy day/night indicator.

Additionally, a stylish city ring surrounds the dial, displaying 24 time zones with corresponding city names. Interestingly, Hong Kong has been replaced with Singapore on this watch, as it was designed for a Singaporean dealer. The watch’s design is both elegant and sophisticated, with a balanced layout and clear legibility.

The harmonious contrast of the platinum case and silver dial add a touch of refinement, while the blued steel hands and markers add a splash of color. It is a must-have for anyone who values exceptional craftsmanship, functionality, and exclusivity. This watch is a limited edition masterpiece with only 30 pieces available, making it a rare and highly coveted item.

Whether you’re a connoisseur, collector, or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in life, this watch is sure to exceed your expectations.

Integrity in Construction: Material Choices

The timepiece boasts a stunning 41.9 mm platinum case, with a thickness of 11 mm and a polished finish. A sapphire crystal graces both sides of the case, while the bezel is also crafted from platinum and has a sleek, smooth finish. The beautiful silver dial features two subdials for home time and a second time zone, as well as a day/night indicator and a city ring.

Rhodium-plated gold hands are accented with a luminous coating, and the black crocodile leather strap comes complete with an elegant platinum pin buckle. Made of precious metal and built to last, this watch guarantees high-quality and durability. It can withstand splashes and brief submersion in water, but it is not recommended for swimming or diving.

The watch also features a shock-resistant balance wheel with eccentric poising weights to maintain accuracy in the face of vibrations or impacts. Whether you’re looking for a review or description, this section provides a great overview of this exquisite timepiece. If you need more information on its movement or functions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Engineering Precision: The Science of Movement

This elegant timepiece flaunts a reliable mechanical movement crafted with a manual winding mechanism. With a power reserve of 72 hours and a balance frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour, the timepiece ensures precision and accuracy. The stop-seconds function empowers the wearer to set the time precisely by halting the balance wheel when the crown is pulled out.

German silver plates and bridges, glashütte ribbing, and a hand-engraved balance cock contribute to the movement’s dependability and superb quality. Moreover, the watch features a patented system for effortless adjustment of the second time zone with a pusher. The timepiece boasts a dual time display, complete with a day/night indicator for both time zones.

A Study in Complexity: Watch Functions Explored

This watch boasts several noteworthy functions and features. Firstly, it offers a dual time zone function that allows you to track two different time zones simultaneously. The main dial displays your home time, while the sub-dial at 5 o’clock informs you of the second time zone.

The sub-dial also includes a day/night indicator specific to the second time zone. Additionally, the watch features a city ring that rotates around the dial, representing 24 different cities that correspond with their respective time zones. You can easily adjust the city ring using the pusher located at 8 o’clock.

It’s worth noting that this watch replaces Hong Kong with Singapore on the city ring, as a nod to the Singaporean authorized dealer Sincere. The large date display located at 2 o’clock is yet another standout feature of this timepiece. It’s a signature complication of A.

Lange & Söhne, and can be easily adjusted using the pusher at 10 o’clock. At 3 o’clock, you’ll find a power reserve indicator, which displays how much energy is left in the mainspring. The watch boasts a power reserve of 72 hours when fully wound. While this watch doesn’t offer any other complications, such as a chronograph, GMT function, or moon phase, its various functions and intricate design make it a standout timepiece.

Comfort and Wearability

Experience unparalleled comfort and wearability with this luxurious and sophisticated timepiece. The well-proportioned platinum case boasts an elegant 41.9 mm diameter and a sleek 11 mm thickness. Its clear silver dial showcases a large date window, a power reserve indicator, and two subdials for the home and second time zones.

The city ring makes it easy to adjust the second time zone with the pusher at 8 o’clock. Soft and supple, the black crocodile leather strap fits snugly on your wrist, secured by a platinum pin buckle that matches the case. The balanced and comfortable weight makes it suitable for both formal and casual occasions, pairing effortlessly with a suit or polo shirt.

Practical and durable with 30 meters of water resistance, this timepiece is a must-have for any watch enthusiast.

The Value Proposition: Price & Worth Examined

This limited edition timepiece, created to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Sincere Watch Limited in Singapore, is a true marvel. Crafted from platinum, it boasts an impressive world time display showcasing 24 time zones, each with a corresponding city name. The watch is also equipped with an oversized date, a power reserve indicator, and a day/night indicator – a true testament to the craftsmanship and design of the Lange 1 family, an iconic and influential collection in modern watchmaking.

Offering unparalleled elegance, functionality, and exclusivity, this precious timepiece is a rare find and highly coveted among collectors, despite its original price tag of around $51,500 USD. The watch’s nod to founder Ferdinand A. Lange’s heritage – he was born in Dresden, one of the cities featured on the dial – adds to its allure and significance.

While undoubtedly a valuable investment for any watch enthusiast or collector, prospective buyers should note the watch’s high price point and limited availability. Nonetheless, if you’re after a world time watch that epitomizes German horology and represents a slice of history, look no further than this sublime creation.

Weighing Up the Wristwatch: Advantages & Disadvantages

The watch boasts several remarkable features. Platinum case and silver dial give it a refined and sophisticated appearance. A city ring allows for smooth transition between 24 time zones.

A day/night indicator for both home and local time assists in avoiding any confusion. It also boasts features typical of Lange 1 family such as large date display and power reserve indicator. The hand-wound movement has a three-day power reserve and a stop-seconds mechanism, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability.

On the flip side, this limited edition timepiece has only 30 units making it rare and expensive. The watch is wider and thicker than the standard Lange 1, which may not suit all wrist sizes. It lacks a second hand or small seconds subdial, which can be missed by some users.

Finally, the city ring does not include Hong Kong but Instead features Singapore, which may not be a preference for some collectors.

Clocking Out: Final Review

In our final analysis, the Lange 1 Timezone Sincere Singapore (116.025B) is a truly exceptional timepiece that showcases the masterful craftsmanship and innovation of A. Lange & Söhne. Not only is it a sleek and functional dual-time watch with a unique city ring featuring Singapore, but the platinum case and silver dial lend it an undeniable air of sophistication and allure.

With its hand-wound caliber L031.1, you can be sure of its superior precision and reliability. Collectors are sure to covet this limited-edition watch, with only 30 pieces available worldwide and a high resale value. It’s an investment well worth making for any connoisseur of fine German watchmaking and for those who wish to own a piece of horological history.

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