Audemars Piguet has been meticulously crafting exquisite timepieces since 1875, earning a well-deserved reputation for prestige and quality. Among its striking collections, the Millenary stands out with its unique oval-shaped case and off-centered dial. The Millenary Hand-wound White Gold (77247BC.ZZ.A813CR.01) is a remarkable example of this collection, featuring a stunning mother of pearl dial that reveals the hand-wound movement, an opulent 18-carat white gold case encrusted with a dazzling 116 brilliant-cut diamonds, and a regal crown adorned with a delicate pink cabochon sapphire.

It is an exceptionally rare and elegant timepiece that flawlessly showcases Audemars Piguet’s unrivaled mastery of design and craftsmanship.

Timeless Appeal: The Art of Watchmaking

This beautiful timepiece boasts an elegant 18-carat white gold case adorned with a dazzling diamond-set bezel and lugs that shimmer with grace. Adding a pop of color and sophistication, the crown features a lovely pink cabochon sapphire. The oval-shaped white mother-of-pearl dial showcases the meticulous hand-wound movement and the small seconds subdial, while the pink gold hands and Roman numeral hour markers beautifully contrast with the dial for optimal visibility.

Featuring 116 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.60 carats, this watch is a true statement piece. It’s completed with a chic beige alligator leather strap that perfectly complements the warm tones of the case and dial. This watch combines traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics, making it a distinctive and timeless accessory for those who appreciate exquisite details and refined style.

Ideal for formal occasions such as weddings, parties, or galas, this watch is a must-have for any discerning jewelry enthusiast.

Building Elegance: Quality and Composition

The watch boasts an exquisite 18-carat white gold case, enhanced with a diamond-set bezel and lugs that radiate luxury. A pink cabochon sapphire on the crown infuses a pop of color and elegance. The water-resistant case can endure splashes and rain up to 20 meters, but it’s not suitable for swimming or diving.

The dial, crafted from white mother-of-pearl, showcases a stunning iridescence and texture, nicely contrasted by the Pink gold hands and Roman numeral hour markers. For added functionality and balance, the dial also has a small seconds subdial at 6 o’clock. The strap is crafted from durable, luxurious beige alligator leather, secured with an easy-to-use pin buckle clasp.

The watch’s hand-wound movement requires the wearer’s assistance in winding every few days, but it’s worth the effort. With a power reserve of 49 hours, it can run for about two days without winding. The glareproofed sapphire crystal caseback allows one to admire the intricate craftsmanship and finishing of the movement.

This watch showcases the art of fine watchmaking and is the perfect statement piece for any sophisticated woman who values beauty – a must-have accessory.

Accuracy Engineered: The Mechanics of Movement

This timepiece boasts a hand-wound movement, where the wearer manually winds it to keep it ticking. Known for their traditional and refined appeal, hand-wound movements do require a bit more TLC compared to other types of movements. The watch features a small seconds subdial situated at the 6 o’clock position, adding both sophistication and practicality to the face.

Unfortunately, it does not possess additional features like hacking or hand-winding capabilities, meaning it cannot be stopped or synced with another timepiece. The watch’s accuracy and dependability are reliant on how often and well it gets wound, coupled with external conditions such as temperature, humidity, and magnetism. In general, hand-wound movements may have up to 10 seconds of daily deviation.

Functionality Unfolded: The Inner Complications

This wristwatch boasts a hand-wound movement, requiring manual winding to keep ticking. Impressive power reserves of up to 49 hours allow it to keep running without winding. A small seconds sub-dial is situated at the 6 o’clock mark, providing a more precise reading of seconds.

This timepiece is sleek and simple, with a beautiful mother of pearl dial and diamond-set bezel and lugs. It doesn’t feature additional functions or complications like a date display, chronograph, or moon phase, allowing its elegant design to take center stage. The watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters (330 feet), ensuring its durability even in harsher environments.

Feeling Time: The Study of Comfort and Wearability

This gorgeous piece of jewelry seamlessly blends sophistication and elegance with a hint of sparkle. Crafted from 18-carat white gold, it showcases 116 brilliant-cut diamonds on the bezel and lugs, adding a chic and glamorous touch to the design. A pink cabochon sapphire sets the crown apart, providing a lovely contrast to the white gold.

The mother of pearl dial displays an off-centered hours and minutes subdial, and small seconds subdial with beautiful blued hands. The hand-wound movement and its exquisite details, such as the balance wheel and bridges, are proudly showcased on the dial. For optimal comfort, the watch features a hand-stitched, large square scale alligator strap in pink that matches the sapphire on the crown.

Soft and flexible on the wrist, the strap secures with a pin buckle in 18-carat white gold for easy adjustment. This splendid watch is water-resistant up to 20 meters, making it splash-proof but not suitable for submersion or high pressure environments. Measuring 39.5 mm in diameter and 9.8 mm in thickness, it feels graceful and light on most women’s wrists.

The power reserve is impressive, lasting 49 hours without winding. The sapphire crystal and caseback are glareproofed and scratch-resistant, ensuring unobstructed visibility of the dial and movement. This watch is certain to appeal to women who value fine craftsmanship and exquisite design. It is versatile enough to wear for formal occasions or casual outings, complementing any outfit with its refined and feminine style. The watch’s stunning diamonds and mother of pearl dial make it a statement piece that garners attention and admiration. Unlike other watches, this timepiece offers a comfortable and snug fit on the wrist, allowing women to wear it all day long in complete comfort, without any irritation or discomfort.

Investing in Time: Cost and Value Explored

This luxury timepiece seamlessly combines elegance and craftsmanship to create a watch that truly stands out. Boasting a hand-wound movement, 18k white gold case, mother of pearl dial, and leather strap, this watch is sure to impress. It typically falls within the $26,605 to $37,700 price range, varying depending on the seller and condition.

Compared to other watches in its category, this particular model offers a unique design while maintaining high-quality finishes. Its mother of pearl dial provides a sophisticated and feminine touch, setting it apart from its counterparts. Moreover, its hand-wound movement provides an authentic and mechanical feel that watch enthusiasts are sure to appreciate.

However, some may argue that the watch’s price tag may not be justified by its features and performance. The hand-wound movement requires more maintenance than automatic or quartz mechanisms, which could be a dealbreaker for some. Additionally, its low water resistance of only 20 meters could limit its versatility and durability.

In short, the value for money of this watch ultimately depends on your personal preferences and expectations. If you value a distinctive and refined watch that showcases your style and taste, this watch may be worth the investment. However, for those who seek practicality and durability, other options may be more fitting. So, what type of watch suits your needs?

Weighing Up the Wristwatch: Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages: One benefit of this watch is its hand-wound movement which fosters a closer relationship with the timepiece, and provides a robust power reserve of 49 hours. Its stylish white mother-of-pearl dial is complemented by pink gold hands and Roman numeral hour markers for a unique and classy look. The diamond-set bezel and lugs, along with a crown encrusted with a pink cabochon sapphire, increase its luxury and feminine touch.

With a water resistance of 100 meters / 330 feet, this hand-wound watch is perfect for aquatic activities. On the downside, its price tag may not be easily affordable at around $26,000 to $33,000. Furthermore, its 39.5 mm x 35.4 mm case size may not be suitable for smaller wrists or personal preferences.

Lastly, the beige alligator leather strap may not match well with some outfits or occasions and will require more care and maintenance than other materials.

Our Time Ends: Final Evaluation

In summary, the Millenary Hand-wound White Gold (77247BC.ZZ.A813CR.01) is an exquisite watch that showcases Audemars Piguets’ expertise in creating elegant, well-crafted timepieces. The 18-carat white gold case, diamond-set bezel and lugs, pink cabochon sapphire crown, and white mother-of-pearl off-centered disc with small seconds counter are a sight to behold. The hand-wound caliber 5201 movement is an intricate piece of mechanical engineering, visible through the glareproofed sapphire crystal caseback.

This is a rare and stunning timepiece that will appeal to collectors and connoisseurs of fine horology. However, it is an expensive and exclusive watch, with a retail price hovering around $37,700 and limited availability on the secondary market. As such, it may not be the ideal choice for those on a tight budget or looking for a versatile timepiece.

It is a beautiful investment for those who can afford it, but not for everyone.

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