The Omega De Ville Prestige Co-Axial 39.5 Stainless Steel (424. is a splendid timepiece crafted for men by the prestigious Swiss brand. Part of the De Ville Prestige collection, the watch boasts a timeless design that exudes elegance. It features a durable 39.5mm stainless steel case, a captivating sun-brushed and lacquered blue dial with an adorable teddy bear pattern, and a stunning blue leather strap.

Powered by a chronometer-certified Co-Axial caliber 2500, the watch delivers unrivaled precision and resilience. In addition, this watch is part of the Orbis edition, which contributes to supporting Orbis International’s commendable efforts to battle preventable blindness.

The Art of Sculpting: Design Perspectives

Featuring a sleek, stainless steel case measuring 39.5 mm, this watch boasts a stunning sun-brushed, lacquered blue dial with a subtle yet delightful OMEGA teddy bear pattern. The specially designed teddy bear logo can also be found on the caseback, vertically brushed for an added layer of sophistication. The dial itself is adorned with polished-domed Roman numerals and a striking blue central seconds hand.

The timepiece comes with a blue leather strap, perfectly matching the dial’s color and adding a touch of modernity. While the watch boasts a refined and elegant design, its blue dial and strap give it a contemporary edge that makes it suitable for various occasions and styles. The watch’s support for Orbis International’s Flying Eye Hospital is reflected in its subtle and charming teddy bear pattern and logo.

For those who appreciate quality, precision, and philanthropy, this watch is a perfect choice, radiating timeless appeal.

Building Elegance: Quality and Composition

Introducing an elegant and refined timepiece with a polished and brushed 39.5 mm stainless steel case, complemented by a matching bezel for a seamless finish. The sun-brushed blue dial boasts a unique teddy bear pattern in support of Orbis, a remarkable non-profit organization dedicated to fighting preventable blindness. Roman numeral hour markers and cabochons, along with blued elements for the hands and De Ville logo, add a touch of sophistication.

Protecting the dial is a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal treated with anti-reflective properties on both sides. The blue leather strap further highlights the dial and secures with a sleek stainless steel pin buckle. With a water resistance of 3 bar (30 metres / 100 feet), the watch can withstand splashes and rain, but not swimming or diving.

The chronometer-certified Co-Axial caliber 2500 powers the watch with a self-winding movement and a 48-hour power reserve. Known for its accuracy, stability, and durability, the caliber 2500 also boasts reduced friction and wear. The watch features a solid caseback adorned with an engraving of a teddy bear and the Orbis logo, providing a beautiful finish to a prestigious and elegant timepiece.

Built with durable materials, it can withstand daily use and minor impacts. With every sale, a portion of the proceeds goes to support the noble cause of Orbis. Perfect for any occasion, this watch is a stylish and reliable addition to any collection.

The Beat of Precision: Movement & Accuracy Explored

This watch boasts an automatic movement that harnesses the power of the wearer’s wrist to keep time ticking. The precise engine inside is the COSC-certified Omega Caliber 2500 with a co-axial escapement that minimizes friction to ensure greater accuracy and reliability. For added convenience, it comes equipped with a hacking feature that stops the seconds hand during time setting.

A noteworthy feature is the impressive 48-hour power reserve allowing the watch to run for two straight days without use. To top it off, the movement can be glimpsed through the caseback revealing a charming engraving of a teddy bear and the Orbis logo.

At the Heart of Time: Features and Complexities

This watch boasts a variety of impressive functions and complications. For starters, it displays the date at 3 o’clock and features a co-axial escapement that enhances both the accuracy and durability of its movement. It’s also a certified chronometer, as validated by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC), making it incredibly precise and reliable.

Additionally, this watch has a power reserve that lasts up to 48 hours and is water-resistant up to 3 bar (equivalent to 30 metres or 100 feet). It’s part of the exclusive Orbis edition, a range that supports the noble cause of the Orbis International Flying Eye Hospital in their mission to fight blindness. In terms of design, the watch features a charming teddy bear pattern on its dial and a corresponding teddy bear engraving on its caseback.

The cyan second hand and De Ville logo are also present, serving as the signature colours of Orbis. Finally, the watch comes with a special presentation box and an authenticity certificate, making it a truly special item worth cherishing.

Ease on the Wrist: The Craft of Wearability

This elegant timepiece exudes style and sophistication, offering a comfortable fit and pleasant feel on the wrist. At 39.5mm in diameter, the polished stainless steel case perfectly complements the striking blue dial. With a sun-brushed and lacquered texture featuring a subtle teddy bear pattern, the design is both classic and whimsical.

The blue central seconds hand, along with the polished-domed Roman numerals, is easy to read and complements the dial color perfectly. The watch comes with a supple blue leather strap and pin buckle clasp, providing a secure and adjustable fit without causing any irritation or discomfort on the skin. This stunning watch is also water-resistant to 30 meters, meaning it can withstand splashes and rain without any damage.

Its Co-Axial caliber 2500 is a chronometer-certified movement that guarantees high accuracy and reliability, with an impressive power reserve of 48 hours. The watch also features a useful date window at 3 o’clock. Its vertically brushed caseback features a special teddy bear logo that symbolizes the support Omega gives to Orbis International, an organization that fights against preventable blindness around the world.

By owning this exquisite timepiece, not only are you rewarded by its beauty and comfort, but you’re also contributing to a noble cause.

Time’s Worth: A Price and Value Analysis

This watch boasts a fashionable and refined aesthetic that melds traditional elements with contemporary features. Its striking blue face showcases Roman numerals and a date display, enclosed by a stainless steel case and secured with a supple leather strap. The Co-Axial chronometer movement delivers unparalleled precision and longevity.

Private market sales have led to an average price of $2,309, while secondary market dealers may charge around $2,469. Retail pricing lists at $3,750, and buying pre-owned saves purchasers upwards of 38%. Compared to other models in its class, like the Prestige De Ville Steel Chronometer Watch 424., with a similar size and technology, but priced at $4,500, this watch offers fantastic value.

Perfect for any occasion, this watch conveys sophistication and reliability, reflecting Omega’s reputation for quality workmanship.

Contrasting Aspects: The Pros & Cons

The watch features a sleek, sophisticated design with a stunning blue dial and a refined leather strap. Its Co-Axial escapement elevates its precision, stability, and durability. It’s also a chronometer-certified timepiece, which speaks to its exceptional accuracy and performance, and even contributes to charity via support for Orbis International.

That said, it does have a relatively limited water resistance of only 3 bar (30 meters / 100 feet), making it less suitable for swimming and diving. Additionally, it doesn’t offer any extra features like a chronograph, GMT, or moon phase, which may detract from its appeal for collectors and enthusiasts. And with a higher price point of around $3,000, it might be a tough sell for some buyers.

Time’s Up: Final Thoughts

In our opinion, the De Ville Prestige Co-Axial 39.5 Stainless Steel (424. watch is a stunning piece that effortlessly blends classic styling with modern advancements. The captivating blue dial adorned with an adorable teddy bear pattern and Roman numerals give it a delightful touch of character. Plus, the Co-Axial chronometer movement ensures unparalleled accuracy and dependability.

Additionally, the watch is part of the Orbis collection, which champions the battle against avoidable blindness all over the world. A steal at just around $2,600, this watch is the perfect choice for anyone who values premium quality, elegance, and social responsibility.

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