At the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry since 1888, Certina has been crafting high-quality timepieces with a passion for excellence. Among its most popular models, the DS Podium Big Size Chrono GMT Aluminium Green (C0016399705703) stands out with its sleek and sporty design, unparalleled functionality, and exceptional durability. With its green anodized aluminium case, rubber bracelet, black dial, date display, and chronograph function featuring a GMT hand, this watch offers a thrilling combination of style and substance.

Featuring the innovative Double Security (DS) concept, it offers superb water resistance of up to 100 meters, and incredible shock resistance. Whether for a casual gathering or a formal event, the DS Podium Big Size Chrono GMT Aluminium Green is a versatile and stylish watch, designed to exceed your expectations every time.

Design and Aesthetic

This watch boasts of a lightweight yet sturdy and corrosion-resistant green anodized aluminium case that measures 42 mm diameter and 12.5 mm thickness, equipped with a screw-down crown and solid case back. Additionally, its water resistance capacity extends to 100 meters. The black dial perfectly complements the bright green case and white hands and markers, featuring three subdials for the chronograph and GMT functions, accompanied by a conveniently placed date window at 6 o'clock.

Moreover, the dial is protected by sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating on both sides. To enhance readability in low-light conditions, the luminous hands and markers are innovatively designed. It features Arabic numerals at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock and baton-shaped indices at other positions.

On the other hand, the hour and minute hands are skeletonized, while the second hand has a red tip. The GMT hand is also red and has an arrow-shaped tip. This chronograph is exceptional due to its unique features, which include a split-time function that enables the chronograph to measure up to 12 hours in 1/10th of a second increments and keep track of a second time zone using a 24-hour scale on the bezel.

The watch has a tachymeter scale on the flange that can measure speed efficiently. Sporty, modern, and eye-catching are some of the words that can describe this watch's overall aesthetics. The green case adds personality and a pop of color, while the black dial and rubber strap make it versatile and comfortable. The watch caters to users who appraise quality, functionality, and design.

Strength and Style: Exploring Build Quality

The watch boasts a sleek and lightweight green anodized aluminum case that's built to stand the test of time. Measuring 42mm in diameter and 12.8mm in thickness, the case features a screw-down back and crown, with an equally stunning anodized aluminum bezel sporting a 24-hour scale for the GMT function. The jet-black dial is a steadfast characteristic, complemented by bright luminous hands and markers and three subdials for the chronograph.

A date window resides comfortably at 6 o'clock, while the silver-toned hands with Super-LumiNova coating ensure visibility even in the dark. For strapping, the watch features a sturdy black rubber band with a pin buckle clasp. The watch showcases a sapphire crystal that's scratch-resistant and anti-reflective, delivering added protection to its structure.

On top of that, the watch is built to withstand water up to 100 meters, making it ideal for splashes, rain, and swimming. However, it's not suitable for diving or snorkeling. The DS concept makes an appearance, comprising of a reinforced case, a special gasket on the stem, and a gasket in the case back.

This exclusive concept enhances the watch's shock resistance and water resistance. The quartz movement powering the watch has a battery life of about three years. It comes with a chronograph function that can measure up to 12 hours and a GMT function that can display a second time zone. Notably, an end-of-life indicator warns you when the battery is low. The watch is part of the Certina Gent Quartz Collection with a two-year warranty from the manufacturers, providing sporty and elegant watches crafted with top-quality materials and reliable movements.

Movement and Accuracy

This watch is powered by a quartz movement, which utilizes a battery and a tiny crystal to regulate its accuracy. Compared to mechanical movements, quartz movements are known for their reliability and precision, as they are less susceptible to external factors like temperature, gravity, and magnetism. Another advantage of quartz movements is that they require less maintenance and upkeep, as they don't need to be wound or worn to keep ticking.

While some quartz movements may offer additional features like hacking or hand-winding capabilities (which are more commonly found in mechanical movements), these are not essential to the basic functions of the watch and may not be available in all models. If you're curious about whether this watch includes these features, feel free to ask!

Time Multiplied: Exploring Functions & Complications

This watch boasts three primary functions: a chronograph, a date display, and a GMT function. The chronograph serves as a stopwatch, allowing accurate measurement of elapsed time up to 12 hours with 1/10th of a second precision. Three subdials provide a 30-minute counter at 10 o'clock, a 12-hour counter at 2 o'clock and a small seconds hand located at 6 o'clock.

Starting, stopping, and resetting the chronograph is easy thanks to two pushers located on the right side of the case. The date display, located beneath the small seconds subdial at 6 o'clock, shows the current date on a black background with white lettering. Meanwhile, the GMT function proves highly useful for those who travel or communicate with individuals in different time zones.

With an additional hour hand sporting a red arrow tip, users can track second-time zones with ease. The GMT function works by pointing to the 24-hour scale located on the bezel, which can be rotated to adjust for the appropriate time zone. Though this watch does not offer added complications such as a moon phase or perpetual calendar, it boasts several key features that enhance its durability and performance.

An anodized aluminum case in green provides ample protection against scratches and corrosion while remaining lightweight. A comfortable, flexible rubber bracelet is water-resistant, while a sapphire crystal is anti-reflective and scratch-resistant. The watch's quartz movement is accurate, efficient, and requires little maintenance, while its DS concept ensures movement protection, water-resistance up to 100 meters and shock resistance.

Ease on the Wrist: The Craft of Wearability

This timepiece is designed with the wearer's comfort in mind. The flexible and durable rubber bracelet can be easily adjusted to fit any wrist size. The lightweight, green anodized aluminum case is resistant to scratches and corrosion, ensuring it's suitable for any activity or environment.

The watch feels solid and perfectly balanced on the wearer's wrist, without being bulky or heavy. The clear and legible black dial features luminous hands and markers for easy viewing, even in low-light conditions. A convenient date display at 6 o'clock adds to its practicality.

Plus, the GMT function is perfect for travelers or individuals working in different time zones. With a water-resistance of up to 100 meters, it can withstand splashes, rain, and swimming, but it's not recommended for diving or snorkeling. In short, this watch offers unparalleled comfort, versatility, and style, making it the perfect timepiece for anyone seeking both performance and elegance.

Balancing Cost and Craftsmanship

This timepiece is part of the Certina Gent Quartz Collection and boasts a sleek green anodized aluminum case paired with a comfortable rubber bracelet. The black dial is equipped with a date display at 6 o'clock, and the GMT feature allows for tracking a second time zone. A reliable quartz movement powers this water-resistant watch up to 100 meters.

The price range falls between $700 and $800, making it comparable to other watches in the same category with similar features and materials. For instance, another model from the same collection with a silver dial and aluminum case costs around $750. However, the standout quality of this watch is the distinctive green color that adds a modern sporty vibe.

When it comes to the value for money, your personal preferences and requirements will be the deciding factors. This watch is a reliable, versatile, and sturdy timepiece fit for any occasion. The Swiss-made quartz movement guarantees accuracy, while the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and robust aluminum case ensure durability.

The added GMT function is a bonus for frequent travelers or those working across different time zones. However, if you prefer an elegant, sophisticated, or classic watch, this one may not be the perfect fit. The casual and sporty design may not match well with formal or business attire, and the bright green color may not suit everyone's preference. Also, the quartz movement may be less desirable for some watch enthusiasts or collectors. In conclusion, this watch is attractive, functional, and well-crafted, offering excellent value for its price. Whether it's the ideal choice for you is subjective and depends on your unique style and needs.

From Both Sides: Weighing the Pros & Cons

The Benefits and Drawbacks One of the top benefits of this watch is its green anodized aluminum case. Not only is it lightweight, but also durable and corrosion-resistant, making it an excellent choice for those who need a dependable timepiece. Additionally, the watch comes with a GMT function that lets you track a second time zone with ease.

A 24-hour hand makes keeping track of various time zones simple and user-friendly. Another pro is the watch's chronograph function that allows you to measure elapsed time precisely. The watch can track up to 12 hours with 1/10th of second accuracy, perfect for those who value precision and accuracy in their timekeeping.

The watch also has a date display at 6 o'clock making it easy to keep track of dates and appointments. The watch's water-resistance is also a significant benefit, as it can withstand 100 meters (10 bar) of water pressure. This feature makes it excellent for water-related activities such as swimming, snorkeling, or even diving.

On the other hand, the watch may have some drawbacks. The size of the case is quite large and might not be suitable for those with smaller wrists. Additionally, the rubber bracelet may not be comfortable or stylish, which may be a significant factor for some users. Furthermore, this watch has a quartz movement, meaning it requires a battery replacement and may not be as accurate or reliable as its mechanical counterparts. This is something to consider for those who value movement precision. Lastly, the watch comes with a high price tag of around $700, which may not be affordable or justified for some users. Overall, while this watch comes with many advantages, it is essential to weigh them against the cons before making a purchase.

The Final Chime: Summarizing the Review

In conclusion, the DS Podium Big Size Chrono GMT Aluminium Green (C0016399705703) is a versatile and sporty watch that provides a range of useful features at an affordable price point. With a quartz movement equipped with chronograph, GMT, and date functions, as well as a robust and lightweight aluminium case and rubber strap, this watch is both practical and stylish. Its distinctive green hue adds a unique touch to its design, setting it apart from other watches in its category.

Furthermore, it is water-resistant up to 100 meters and is fitted with a sapphire crystal featuring anti-reflective coating. This watch is ideal for anyone seeking a bold and eye-catching timepiece that is suitable for a wide range of occasions and activities. It holds its own against other leading brands like Tissot, Seiko, and Citizen, but may not appeal to collectors or connoisseurs who prefer mechanical movements or more refined aesthetics.

Overall, this watch is a fun and practical choice for those looking to add a touch of personality to their wristwear.

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